Contemplating Divorce? Hire a Private Detective to Help Your Case

Are you concerned that your spouse is having an affair? Do you believe that they could possibly be taking steps without your knowledge to lay the groundwork for divorce such as hiding assets? Is something simply not quite right in your marriage but you cannot seem to identify the problem? The answer of ‘yes’ to any of these posed questions are valid grounds to hire a private detective.

Financial Juggling

Sometime during divorce proceedings, financial assets are investigated to determine division of property between spouses. However, what if your spouse, unbeknownst to you, has done some financial juggling to hide certain assets? This deceit could reduce your share of assets and even undermine alimony and other spousal support that might be awarded to you. A private detective has access to records that are not available to the average person and knows how to follow the money trail so you that would be able to claim your rightful share in the divorce.

Proof of Cheating

Cheating spouses is almost a cliche these days but the fact of the matter is, it is one of the most common grounds for divorce. If you have found odd receipts for hotels and restaurants or even unknown numbers on their cell phone bill that cannot be explained, you might need a private detective to uncover what is going on.

Perhaps your spouse has all of the sudden starting working late or travelling or has become aloof. Investigating the underlying causes of these spousal behaviour shifts is what a detective can do. Whether you simply need to know to prove or allay your fears or to build a case for divorce, a private detective can help. They can follow those leads and even get pictures of any third parties involved.

Custody of Children

In those cases where divorce has already happened, you might need a private detective to help you gain custody or more visitation rights of your children. Do you suspect that your spouse is neglecting your children or perhaps even abusing them? Do you need proof of these allegations? A private investigation by a detective can help you gather the evidence you need to fight for your kids. They can search for proof of unhealthy living conditions, drug or alcohol abuse or even neglect, such as leaving young children alone unsupervised.

It is important to understand that by hiring a private detective, you might not like the information they find for you. In addition, if your spouse finds out that you hired the services of an investigator, this could add an adversarial element in your divorce proceedings. If you truly believe that a private detective can provide assistance for your divorce, you must be up front with them during your initial meetings. This might entail revealing unflattering facts about yourself too. The more upfront you are with them, the more information that can unearth that can help you.

7 Responses to “Contemplating Divorce? Hire a Private Detective to Help Your Case”

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    I am a married Hindu man aged 34. I have filed a divorce case against my wife due to her extra marital affairs with a Muslim married man. The relationship is still going on. Meanwhile, I fell in love with a girl aged 28. We are deeply interested in getting married. Is it possible to go for a registered marriage or a court marriage with the help of an advocate. What all proofs should we produce before the registrar or the court for our age and residence? Can this type of marriage be done outside our state? Please help me.

  • Jonny:

    can i remarry in Canada when i get my divorce?

  • Jon P:

    My friend is a thai national who was married to a US guy in 2007. They registered their marriage in US California.
    Subseuqently my friend stayed there for 3 months and returned back to Thailand. Since then she could not contact the guy anymore. She tried to call him, sms, email but to no avail. There was no response.
    Now my friend would like to dissolve the marriage. How should she go about doing it?
    She is now in Thailand. Must she returned to US to settle the divorce proceedings? Or can she do it through a lawyer in Thailand?

  • kass9191:

    During my recent divorce, my ex’s lawyer asked me if I had entered into the marriage “in good faith”. Yet when her client (the ex) was on the stand, she made it a point NOT to ask her the same question so she would not committ perjury.

    How can she maintain that it was a marriage in good faith, when she maintains that the marriage was OVER after only 9 days, and she refused to tell me or Immigration that months later during her interview for “Conditional Residency Status”?

  • JimT:

    I think it’s sad when parents use their children as pawns in divorce. I feel so sorry for children that have to do that. My parents NEVER did that to me when they divorced 23 years ago. In fact, both of my parents asked me who I wanted to live with and chose my mother. They never talked about each other in front of me.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet:

    I have applied for divorce and it has been more than 2 years.. and the case hasn’t progressed much. If I get an opportunity to work abroad.. can I opt for it by throwing some monthly maintenance to money hungry wretched woman (my legally wedded wife)? I do not mind to come back and start proceedings again leisurely after 5-6 years.

  • Ramblin Spirit:

    How else can my wife torture me during Divorce proceedings?

    Basic Background: I am from Kolhapur and my wife is from Nagpur, but I was in USA for last 12 years and just returned back in Jan 2013. She has done M-Tech from IIT New Delhi and is a Class-I officer at Govt. of Maharashtra making 9.5 Lack salary per year (+ many more under that table), where she wants to transfer the case to Nagpur. Currently I am unemployed. Also I had an accident in 2003 and at first she totally denied all the allegations that I was ever in any accident, so I provided the discharge summary from Scott & White Hospital, Texas. Now their new allegation is that the accident was in 2003 and I have totally recovered.

    Husbands (Myself) Medical Condition: Had accident in 2003. Underwent a OPEN HEART SURGERY + Artificial Graft attached to my heart for Aneurysm + ROD in the right leg + Surgery for Hernia in2004 + Bed Sour on Left Feet + Severe HEAD INJURY.
    GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE: Mental and Physical torture. For Physical torture, made a Police Complaint in Baltimore in Jan. 2011, After she returned to India in Jan 2011, we have been separated for last 3 years, but for the 1 st birthday of our son (April 2011) she refused all my family members to come to Nagpur for visit; Comparing her husband worse than Indian clerks or waiters (have her emails as a proof) She has created many fights among my brothers + Sister-in-laws, she goes to our relatives house and bad-mouth about us. She forced me to buy her Gold + Diamond + Emerald + Ruby jewelry worth thousands of US Dollars on my credit card and now she claims that they are all fake from USA (What Bull $hit!!!) + SHE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT LYING, and she lies all the time even now she is lying under oath in the Court of Law….period!!!…and the list goes on and on………………


    1.She left USA in Jan. 2011 & now in Jan. 2014, we have been separate for 3 years already, and I heard this somewhere online: “””Dear questioner the offence under section 498A can be filed within 3 years from the incident. DP case can be file within 2 years and DV can be filed within one year.””” So basically we have already been separated for more than 3 years, so what other FAKE charges she can use against me to put me in jail or torture me?

    2.She is Class- I officer and earns 9.5 Lacks per year + 5 to 7 Lacks undocumented as BRIBES, so is she entitled to maintenance, especially when husband is unemployed?

    3.How much maintenance approximately will be allotted to my son, especially when father is unemployed and is partially handicap, with Artificial Graft attached to his HEART and has a rod in his right leg?

    4.IMPORTANT: With the Marriage Amendment Bill 2010, (still to pass), she is entitled to 50% share of ALL (land/plots+gold+car+house..etc) from the husbands property or just the 50% share of “RESIDENTIAL” property?

    5.Also I was in USA for last 12 years so all the plots are in my mom’s name, so can she claim share in the property which is in my Moms name?

    In spite of all the poor medical condition that the husband is into, the judge clearly told in his last hearing that all the laws are leaning towards wife, so most likely the case will be transferred from Kolhapur to Nagpur.

    Please Sir, if anyone can answer my questions, that would be great. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!

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