How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for Divorce?

Legal matters vary with fee and charges especially when it comes to divorce. The fee for a divorce lawyer differs as some of the experienced lawyers charge on an hourly basis. The divorce cost is one of the primary aspects that you think about when considering divorce.

How Much a Divorce Costs?

While you are looking for divorce, the first thing you should know that you have to spend dollars. Once the legal process of separation has been started, each party has to bear own court costs and attorney fees.

There are some situations, when your spouse is responsible to pay some or all of the legal fees and costs for divorce. Who will pay the legal cost also depends upon who has the best lawyer. There are some of the key points that determine the cost for divorce.

Attorney Fee: How much you are paying to your attorney? It is better to hire a professional attorney who is competent enough to fight for your legal rights. You also can hire a professional lawyer company to get the divorce in a cost-effective manner.

Adversarial or Collaborative Divorce: The more you or your spouse agrees upon, the less you have to spend on lawyers, court costs and legal fees. It is possible to discuss about the critical issues including division of marital property, child support or child custody, you should get the consent on it. It helps you to save the major expenses incur in your divorce case.

Conflict for Children Custody: If you have a conflict with your spouse over the child custody, it needs to incur fee on psychiatric evaluations. If the court appoints a legal Guardian (in case of disagreement on child custody), you have to bear that expense also. The fight for child custody means extra work for your lawyer which is surely going to increase the expenses as well.

Marital Assets and Debts: If you have the fatty marital property and debts, your lawyer/ attorney needs to consult with a Divorce Financial Analyst. This is an added expense that you have to pay for.

These above given issues you can consider estimating the cost for divorce. However, it is the non-exhaustive list but these are the major points that you can look for.
All in all, you and your spouse can determine the cost of the divorce. If you can get the mutual consent with each other, it can make the legal separation process easy and cost-effective as well.

It’s better to settle down the major issues outside the court or leave up to your divorce lawyer and bear the additional legal divorce expenses.

6 Responses to “How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for Divorce?”

  • Victoria T:

    We lived in Utah throughout our whole marriage. We are both from California. She left to go live in CA (or so I thought) while I stayed in Utah. Now she has sent uncontested divorce papers stating that she has become a resident of Nevada, and wants me to sign. I don’t plan to sign anything (yet) and am curious to know about how much it would cost to have a divorce lawyer review the 10 papers and make any necessary tweaks so I can get screwed over later on down the road. Any estimates are appreciated.

    Also, anyone have any ideas why she would supposedly become a NV resident to handle the divorce instead of UT or CA? I don’t know anyone she might know in NV and it just seems so weird to me, especially since I know she has been living with her parents in CA for part of the time. Thanks in advance.
    The papers were mailed to me by a notary person, I believe. I suppose it’s possible my wife could have sent them. How long do I have to respond? What happens if I don’t respond, would the next step be for her to have the papers served to me? Or can she get a judgment @ the end of 20 days w/o having them served first?

  • Squall Leonhart:

    We don’t have a lot of money, but i think we have a much better chance of winning and getting the whole process done faster if we have a lawyer.
    oh, and we live in sacramento, CA

  • whitesoxfan2347:

    I’m currantly separated but still living in the same house as my ex. I have remained amicable with him for the sake of the children dispite his comments towards me. I want this to be done and over with as quick and painless as possible. We have very little for assets. Please help. I just want to get on with my life. Encouragement would be good right now. Much thanks in advance…God Bless.

  • Big Banger:

    Separated for over 10 years, both parties in agreement, no assets, child support etc already agreed on. I want to get the cheapest, fastest and simpliest divorce possible. I don’t think I need to go through a lawyer. Where can I get the divorce application papers I need to fill out myself?? Researching online just sends me to lawyer websites. I bought a divorce kit but it was too complicated.
    Any ideas??

  • Rassling Fundamentals:

    I am looking for a low cost divorce lawyer in the Bay City Michigan area. We do not need someone to represent us before a judge, or battle against another lawyer. We ( me and wife) can come to our own agreements. Only need someone to put things in legal form. My wife is German and will be moving back there with our minor son. We have limited personal property, a home mainly. We have agreed on how to split things up. We just need a lawyer to put it in legal speak, that a judge will ok. My wife is concerned about leaving here with nothing in hand, and I a also would like some proof on what we have agreed on. A legal contract.? We made less than 15k last year and can not afford to pay several thousand for lawyers. We have contacted Legal Services Of Eastern Michigan, and all they seem to want to offer is some Do-it yourself Divorce Kit.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

  • hank baseballs:

    i was an idiot and got married. long story short it isn’t working out and am curious if filing and getting a divorce was gona cost me money. if so how much am i looking at…no kids…never bought anything together…or any ties that would need a lawyer. i also live in massachusettes if that is relevent.
    thanks all…
    im not sure if he will fight me or not..he refuses to answer all calls and the door.

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