Learn Social Behavior to Personality

You have played some game at some moment in your life. Scientists are now searching for the social networks to research on social behavior. A proverb was there in Russia that tells me the name that who is your companions and I will say you about your identification. Personality development gurus are there to claim that we are the average of five individual those we have noticed. The reports from the American medical association now suggest that this may be right.

There are two new studies that explain social networks have vital effects on your smoking habit and obesity. Both the studies have partners of 12,067 individual since 32 years as part of significant effort and is called as Framingham Heart Study. Social behavior is a vast issue in today’s world. In case of obesity report examiners requested that a fellow has a 57% enhanced possibility to be obese when one of their companions becomes plump. A 40% possibility is there when a sibling became fat and a 37% enhanced possibility is there when their spouse have little more pounds.

In case of smoking examiners discovered alike objects. When your spouse left the habit your chance to leave this is increased up to 67%. When your brother or sister leaves this your chance of quitting this is increased up to 45% and when a companion or co worker there is a chance of 35% to leave smoking habit. Social behavior is responsible for the genetics and geographical locations. Social networks have still had vast effects.

This is important that your spouse has the vast influence on your smoking habit but this has the least effect on your waistline. This is simpler to slip from the bite drawer than slipping outside for the nail of the coffin. These connections may not be too much astonishing. Individual we get contact with influence us a lot. You should take it a more seriously if you want to change your health indeed. If you want to lose some pounds then you must leave smoking habit and increase your physical power. This may be tough to make you distant from some individual.

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    Awhile back, in 2005 in fact, I took to my son to our home country of Bolivia. He wasn’t born in Bolivia ,but I wanted him to understand his heritage better. The trip was a disaster, at least for him as he had no prior experience in living in such dire conditions, we were living with my father at the time who is very poor. He complained all the time, rarely ate as he would just throw up the food he ate and fell violently ill during the trip. when he fell ill he was bed ridden for two days till I took him to the local doctor who treated him for his sickness. IT was on the trip back that he claims he almost died from dehydration and I had to go buy him water . When we left to go back home I never saw him so happy and mad. The trip was brutal for him as he lost 10 pounds and had experience that has been tormenting him to this day. Afterwards he joked around with his other brothers how awful the trip was and joked how he almost died. I came to believe that the experience would pass him by but things begin to change when he started school. I got several calls from the guidance office that my son was being rude to several students, something uncommon of him. He became very distant from his Bolivian heritage. He refused to call our home country by its name and instead refers to it to this day as “Buttlivia.” Things became worse when I learned from my other son that my son told him he didn’t feel hispanic and referred to himself as “a white man trapped in a hispanic man’s body.” Things grew worse as over the period of 6 months my son beat up three students, two of them hispanic and one white. The counselor told me out of nowhere my son just attacked the two boys for no apparent reason. The white boy he beat up had been making fun of him for his experience in bolivia. If it weren’t for my persistent nagging he wouldn’t have apologized to the last boy and would have been expelled. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t feel sorry but I begged him and he reluctantly agreed. He’s been very reclusive some times and I notice he prefers not to seriously speak about bolivia and may never want to. He was the happiest and most talkative of my children but now I’ve never seen him so emotionless and antisocial. This year I had planned a trip to Bolivia and intended to take my son again in hopes of making him appreciate his heritage more. When I told him about it he began screaming loudly that he wouldn’t go and if I dared buy a ticket for him he would tear it to pieces. What worried me the most was when he mentioned that he would rather die than go back to bolivia. I had enough of his behavior and forced him to go to a psychiatrist who told me his symptoms fit all the criteria of PTSD. I wanted to ask him if the PTSD was responsible for his ASP, I believe he has it, but I had only the money for that one session, I plan to take him back when I have the money again. I want to help my son and help him be social again, but I’m worried that this is all my fault and my own selfish desire might have turned my son into a sociopath.

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