Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are acknowledged to be a bad idea, especially if the separation has no finite end-date. And sure, there are exceptions to the rule. But do you really want to bank on being an exception, in the face of a hazy future filled with calls and expensive plane tickets?

But of course people do defy the advice of their more level-headed friends and go for the Long-distance relationship, including for the love of a partner in another country. And a recent study provides them some data to snuggle up to on nights when they’re missing their partners.

Researchers at University of Utah, and the Queen’s University in Ontario, looked at 717 people in long-distance relationships, and 425 people in “geographically close relationships.” The sample size included both students and non-students, people of different sexualities, and a wide range of actual distances. The participants answered questions about their attitudes toward long-distance relationships to assess the quality of their relationships:

  • A commitment scale.
  • A scale that measures a relationship’s communication levels.
  • An assessment that measures emotional, social, sexual, intellectual and recreational intimacy.
  • “Dyadic Sexual Communication Scale,” which measures how well couples communicate about their sexual relationship.
  • “Dyadic Adjustment Scale,” which measures couples’ disagreement on things like demonstrating affection.
  • An assessment of the amount of psychological distress, anxiety, and depression a person has felt in the last month.
  • A measurement of female and male sexual satisfaction.

Research results.

Those couples who are in long-distance relationships not less satisfied than those who live nearby from each other. Indeed, comparing participants based on sexual orientation, relationship composition, and student status revealed very similar relationship patterns. These results indicate that being in an long-distance relationships does not guarantee negative relationship outcomes.

The factors that predicted positive relationship outcomes were not measured in miles, kilometers, or hours of flight. For example, those who felt more certainty in their relationships’ future and trust your partner had higher quality relationships. What’s more, greater distance apart actually predicted more intimacy, communication, and satisfaction in the relationship.

Also, being a long-distance allows you to have the best of both worlds – the security and respects freedom of being single. You have the freedom to go out with friends or follow your career.

5 Responses to “Long Distance Relationships”

  • Jairo:

    how to maintain a long distance relationship,if both of you are in two different countries?

  • maskills24:

    a guy and i that i had been talking to/dating over the summer really like each other.. but i moved a few hours away for school. are long distance relationships worth it? I come home every three weekends.

  • Chester:

    I’m currently involved in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend Kagney. It’s been hard ever since she moved back to Colorado to be closer to her family. I stayed in my home state Ohio so i could be with my 5 year old daughter. It’s been 6 months since she moved and at first we were texting and talking everyday. Recently she hasn’t been texting or calling and won’t respond to my texts or calls. I’m wondering if she is cheating on me. Why hasn’t she been communicating with me?

  • friendly 4:

    I just wanted to get opinions on long distance relationships, in general, not my own.

    But here is my story anyway for some food for thought:

    Okay so I met this guy via. Internet (yes, i know, it’s not safe, he might not be real, lying etc) but yes I met him on the internet, he is slightly older than me, not too old, couple of years. Basically it started as us being very good friends we instantly clicked, similar interests and also quite opposite in some ways but it seems to just level out. So basically it’s been like a month and we are just really good friends, nothing more, nothing less.

    But weeks, months later we just started getting feelings for each other, innocent flirting and always making each other laugh, he got my humour and I got his, we both are hurt from previous relationships and also been through similar tragic experiences in life which just made us closer, we have been Skypeing and video chatting so we both know that we are not some old paedophile behind a computer screen.

    People say it can’t be true but I just know it’s love, you can fall in love at 14 or 70, it’s still love, and I also know that we won’t be able to see each other until I’m in University for many reasons, and it really upsets us both that we can’t even see each other. A lot of people also say that it will never work as we can’t show physical love for each other, as in caressing, hugs etc, and I don’t think that is necessarily true, of course yes, I wanted a hug from him all the time, but I’m not saying its decreasing our love for each other, that is about feeling,communications and trust and we are both very open about all these things.

    I know many people will have very horrible opinions on this relationship but it’s not going to harm anyone else except I and Him,and you will understand once you have been through love at least once. Obviously, I’m not going to be naive, it has high chances ot won’t work out but then it might, only time can tell, we both want the same future and are very much in love at this very moment.

    So basically there is my story. Let’s have your opinions on long distance relationships, why it can and why it couldn’t work out.

    I appreciate your opinions but don’t be malicious or hurtful, thanks.
    We also talk on the phone also and have met once before.

  • PolishPokeyPimp:

    I’m 16 gf 15 we in a long distance relationship we talk laugh etc. My mom always say when you get a gf you can do this and that I have a gf ill go get her in a few years you know when we can both leave home any help on dealing with peoples bs we aren’t interested in other people we have a lot in common been dating for a year now

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