Making Conversation With Women – You Can’t Just Read Tips About it You Have to Do it

Let me start off by stating that I have no problems at all with a guy wanting to read up on topics relating to dating and attraction and those kinds of things. That’s actually a really good thing to do. However, there is something that should be pretty clear – but a lot of the time – I find that it doesn’t seem to be so clear to some guys. That is, if you want to really know how to make conversation with women – you can’t just read about it, you have to go out and do it.

Not All Personalities Are the Same -

One of the best reasons for getting yourself out there and talking to women is that you’ll quickly see that not all women are exactly the same. You are going to come across girls who look a like – but have totally different personalities and the more prepared you are for that and the better you can deal with that, the better you are going to do. A lot of guys become what I call “one trick ponies.” They end up with one little method that works on a very small subset of the female population and that becomes all that they are limited to.

I don’t know about you, but I like to meet all types of women. And in order to do that and actually have a chance at landing a date or getting a number or ending up with her coming back to your place, you have to know how to talk to her. One trick ponies have to deal with the fact that most women that they come across are not going to really fall for their game. They have to deal with the fact that even if they really want that girl across the room – they really only have a small chance that she is going to be of the personality type that they know how to attract.

Experience Makes You Versatile -

The more experience that you have, the more versatile that you are when it comes to approaching women of all types and having a good chance of being able to get a date or get a hook up. You don’t have to feel like you are limited to just one type of woman. I have a friend who has been a one trick pony for a long time. The only women his little techniques work on – are the kind of women that he doesn’t want to attract.

Problem is, he never took the time to get out there and deal with a wide variety of women, so when it comes to most women he meets, he ends up striking out really badly. So, he basically is limited to girls who bore him to tears. If you don’t want to end up like that, then you need to gain some experience so that you do have the versatility to speak to women of all types and do well. The only way that you get that – is to get up and get out there and start talking.

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  • nyyankees1123:

    Not to sound cocky, but I’m a pretty good writer. But recently, I’ve been really hard on everything I write – I come up with ideas, write a little bit, then scrap it, writing it off as either too soap opera-y or not interesting enough or too childish or too this or too that. I need some tips on writing realistic fiction – I read alot of RF novels, what else can I do? I’d really like to start working on a short story or even a novel to submit into a contest. Ideas, tips, anything would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Michael C:

    If i am talking to a girl i think is attractive i freeze up and get nervous. how do i prevent that?

    Any mental tips or anything.


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